The NHS can spend as much as £569 million in a year prescribing medicines that can be bought from high street pharmacies, supermarkets and even petrol stations. These are called over the counter medicines and are generally used to treat minor and common illnesses and conditions.

Following a national NHS public consultation and engagement with people across South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw, some changes have been made in relation to prescribing these medications.

Our staff, including your doctor and other healthcare professionals will not generally provide you with a prescription for a medicine that you can buy at the local pharmacy, supermarket or elsewhere. This includes items such as vitamins, minerals and other supplements including probiotics, as well as treatments for some mild skin conditions.

With this in mind, it may be quicker and easier for you to speak to a pharmacist or use our self-care resources instead of making an appointment with your GP.

If your doctor thinks that you need a prescription for a medication, he or she will still be able to supply it. The doctor makes the decision.

You can find out more online at:


Electronic Prescriptions


We now offer electronic (paperless) prescriptions for patients with stable conditions who use a regular pharmacy. 

Benefits to patients include: 
• No trips to the GP practice just to collect prescriptions, which will especially help those who receive repeat prescriptions. 
• Shorter waits at the pharmacy, as prescriptions can be prepared in advance. 
• Choosing a pharmacy that is most convenient to you, such as one near work, home or the weekly shop.

Please speak to your Pharmacist or Reception for more information.

To order a repeat prescription

If you have already registered for our online service you can order repeat prescriptions by clicking on the link below. If you have not registered, please contact reception and they will provide you with your personal login details.

Order A Repeat Prescription

**Please note that if your medication review is overdue, you will NOT be able to order your prescriptions online - please order by phone, post or in person at the surgery.

If you do not wish to order online it is useful to save the counterfoil from your last prescription and tick the item you require. Otherwise, you can write your request on a piece of paper, with your full name and the items you require.

You can then:

• Post this request in the Prescription box provided.
• Send this request by post enclosing a SAE if you want the prescription         posting back to you Or:
• Phone 01142686929 (option 2)
• Lines open 10.00-12.00 and again at 16.00-17.00
• Email your request:
• Register for the online prescription service – ask at reception

Please allow 2 working days for your prescription to be made ready for collection.


Online Prescription Ordering Problems

Changes to the Online Service

Several patients have experienced problems when trying to order repeat medication online. There have been recent changes to the website which means items may not appear where they have previously. 

The main area of confusion is when patients reach the medication ordering screen and there are no medications listed. Please click here to download a short tutorial on how to find the list of medication.

The most confusing change is that your list of repeat medication from which you can order prescriptions now appears under "Medication", whilst "Prescription Requests" allows you to view orders you have already placed via "Medication".

Please check you are using the "Medication" screen instead of the "Prescription Requests" screen. 

Thank you.

Ringing for test results

When ringing for results, please ring after 10am.