Text Messaging Service


As of the 25th May 2018 the UK data privacy law changes. The General Data Protection, known as GDPR, is a really positive step towards having more control over how your data is used and how you are contacted. We need to seek written consent on how you would prefer to be contacted as a result of these changes. If we already have a mobile number recorded for you we will previously verbally asked for your consent to receive SMS messages from the surgery. We now require you to complete a form to record your consent or dissent to receiving messages, these are available from reception. Until you notify us in writing your existing verbally recorded preference will remain on your GP health record.

If you agree to sign up to receive SMS messaging, please be aware this will be our first line of contact to you and will be used for appointment confirmations, appointment reminders, general practice updates, any reminders you are due, any general enquiries and to seek your attention.

Please note, if you change your number, it is your responsibility to inform reception.  (If you fail to do so, messages will automatically be sent to the number you have provided).